Bawdee started with a realisation

Wellness isn’t just about how we eat, move or look. It’s also about how we feel. How we connect with others and how well we love ourselves.

To the curious, the confident and the confused,

I warmly welcome you to Bawdee. What started as the search for a deep understanding of my own body and pleasure, then evolved into plant-based intimate products made for self-love, exploration and deeper connections. 

Each product has been lovingly crafted to support the health and integrity of your most intimate bits, so you can feel comfortable exploring your body on your own terms.

Bawdee is not just a brand. It's a labour of love that inspires you to invite more play, more intimacy and more pleasure into your every day.

With love,

Emily Harper

Founder & Owner of Bawdee

Let's Look At The Orgasm Gap

Heterosexual men men




According to a 2016 study from The Archives of Sexual Behaviour, 95% of heterosexual men orgasm during intercourse, while women only orgasm 65% of the time



Another study revealed women orgasm even less, only 39% of the time

Our mission is to close it — with your help of course

At the heart of Bawdee

We all want to be healthy and feel good. That means asking ourselves everyday, “How can we improve?” Whether it’s ignoring our deepest desires or glossing over the ingredients list, the small daily actions we make as individuals do shape the future of our planet.

The reality is, liberating our sexual self is not only fun, but can be a profound way to expand and enhance all areas of our life. What’s not to love?

We must take care of our Mother

We all have a social responsibility to protect the earth so that our future generations can thrive, not just survive. We believe animals are not ours to test on but to care for.

With sustainability as our core value, we are a proud member of 1% for the planet, a global initiative dedicated to protecting this planet we call home.

Bawdee is a way of being

Bawdee is the empowered woman who isn’t afraid to shine her light in an over-serious world that tells her to dim it. She owns her sexuality and her desires shamelessly. She is fiercely compassionate and takes her pleasure seriously, because she knows that when she does, she’ll unlock her (w)hole potential.