Gynecologist recommended

WAP Yoni Melts

WAP Yoni Melts

All Natural and Long-Lasting Lubricant Capsules

Get the juices flowing and never worry about vaginal dryness again . Reliable, long-lasting lubrication for even more pleasure and connection. Because if you know you can rely on your wet-ass pussy, you can throw all worries overboard and devote yourself completely to the sailor.

  • Enhances natural lubrication with effects lasting up to 12 hours
  • Formulated with Lactobacillus to support a healthy vaginal microbiome
  • Helps build anticipation and arousal through internal activation

Formulated with clean, body-loving ingredients


Hyaluronic Acid

Plant Extracts

Free from glycerine, parabens, petroleum and silicone.

Latex Friendly
Reach bliss without friction
Add our popular super-slippery Glide Aloe lube to the mix & save!
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My Pleasure Revolution After Baby! 💦

THE BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME!!! OK SO.. I've been looking for something to make sex more pleasurable since giving birth to my son this year. It's been hard and sex hasn't been as good as it was before kids. BUT OH MYYYYY this product works like CRAZYYY I can't put it into words. Popped one in and after about an hour of kissing and cuddling I got SOAKING wet, my husband was so shocked! I'm gonna order 3 more bottles just to be stocked up! WAP Melts are my holy grail, thank you Bawdee 😘

Mila G.

Verified Customer

Serious Pleasure Upgrade!

These yoni melts are no jokeeee😩my man loves them and so do I. They last into the next day at least for me it did and I only needed one. Highly recommend!!! Brought them to spice things up but I will be buying other products along with more yoni melts 🥰

Leah F.

Verified Customer

What a fun little thing

When I tell you that these melts had my husband slipping and sliding I'm not exaggerating! he couldn’t get enough lol I love this product

Hannah W.

Verified Customer

That extra 💦💦

I love these melts and so does my partner. They did exactly what they were supposed. To I don’t have any problem in that department but I wanted to see what these ladies been talking about and chilllllldddddddd 💦💦 x10

Penelope L.

Verified Customer

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  • Can Trehalose feed Candida Albicans?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Tanja H.

These are incredible. Absolutely long lasting just like it says. Perimenopause so love that these keep my ‘cardio’ life going like I want

Sarah J
WAP is Amazing

This tiny tab delivers the goods. Worth every cent!
42 perimenopause this stuff is the best 💦


Haven’t used it for its intent purposes yet , but looking forward to seeing the results
Love the discrete packaging


I was eager to try the yoni melts, and after laying in the sun and placing one inside, I waited an hour or so and let my yoni do the melting...within 45 mins I was dripping down my thighs, literally! Absolutely incredible, super juicy and arousing to activate my yoni through these delicious melts.

Gi Sooly

I used one, very easy to put in. Worked as expected, made everything a little more pleasant too.