Gynecologist recommended

YUM Coco Lube

YUM Coco Lube

Vanilla Coconut-oil based Lubricant

Lube makes sex better and this one is delicious too . With a buttery base of cocoa, vanilla and coconut, YUM Coco Lube tastes like a cupcake, fresh out the oven. Supple, yet inviting, this long-lasting, coconut oil-based lube will arouse all your senses. Oh, and did we mention it doubles as a sexy massage oil too?


  • Perfect for massages & that turn into more
  • Long lasting & and deeply moisturising
  • pH-balanced and hypoallergenic for the most sensitive skin, inside and out

Naturally mouth-watering in more ways than one




Free from glycerin, parabens, silicone, sugar & other nasties.

Vulva Safe
Reach bliss without friction
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Fantastic Lube

Love, love, love the coconut love oil. My partner and I don’t use anything else. It feels so good on our skin, it’s smooth and silky to the touch and never leaves a residue you don’t want! It’s great to have some thing that tastes as wonderful as it smells. It's helped take our sex life to a new level!

Chloe P.

Verified Customer

Great Solution for Perimenopause

Wow wow wow. Not to be crass but I’ve never had more fun giving a bj in my life. Tastes great and smells amazing!! Will purchase again and again and again!

Evelyn T.

Verified Customer

Yum-coco Infused Bliss that Lasts! 🌿

The only lubricant I will ever use again. I always had irritation from KY and had to reapply multiple times because it would be sticky. This stuff is amazing! It is smooth and lubricating without getting sticky. I don't get any irritation at all with this magical lube!🙌

Grace D.

Verified Customer

Sensitive Skin Approved! 🌸✨

I have been looking for an oil that can works as both a massage oil and a lube for a long time. This one is the real deal... highly recommended. 5 stars.

Harper J.

Verified Customer

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B. T.
I Suck... At Titles

First, the lube smells delicious; a delicious warm vanilla scent like advertised. The taste is not as good as the scent, but it's still present and pleasant. The wax does become more prevalent in the mouth, and my partner describes it as eating sexy lip balm.

The lube itself feels more natural and sensual than slick - I live in California where the weather keeps it from completely solidifying, and it comes out like a thick lotion that can be worked into whatever orifice you decide to play in that day. I can see the consistency becoming an issue in colder areas, and I wonder if the squeeze tube or a lotion jar might make more sense in the future.

The lube is also amazing for massages. The limited quantity and cost of shipping make massages an expensive endeavor, but my partner insists on massages with the Yum Coco lube anyway (and by then we're already lubed up so why not?)

Overall, 5 stars. Despite the price per oz and the cost of shipping overseas and the pump issues, there's no lube that my partner and I would rather use instead. Highly recommend.

William Hiner
Fantastic Product

I was somewhat skeptical when I read some of the reviews saying what a great product this is. After we received and tried YUM I was convinced it is great. I am 70 and my wife is 68 and we are still very sexually active. But with age comes issues such as dryness and minor tenderness. This is no longer and issue. YUM made things as slick as ever which caused tenderness to no longer be an issue. As the ad says it also works well for body massage and has a very pleasant taste. We will be purchasing this product again as it has rejuvenated our love life. Thank you Bawdee for a wonderful product.

Great lube - does the job perfectly

Bought the lube as I was feeling a bit dry during sex and not only does it smell great it tastes good too (or so I’m told 😜)

Great Product, delivery method is flawed

The Coco Lube is exactly as advertised: smells great, non-greasy, non-staining. Problem I have is with the bottle that it comes in. The pump does not work and you end up having to unscrew the cap and squeeze the bottle or whack it against your hand to get the product out. I even ordered a 2nd bottle in case the one I got was just a fluke but the 2nd bottle did this as well. Kind of kills the mood...

Amazingly sensual experience

My wife and I really enjoyed a sensual massage with Coco Lube!